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About Dark Interiors

Dark Interiors was founded with the goal of inspiring a revitalization in the rich history of the “Wunderkammer”, or cabinet of curiosity. For centuries worldly individuals would amass collections of wonders from all corners of the world to provided hands on learning and inspiration of nature, other cultures, art, and more, in a time before modern technology. It is our mission to provide you with high quality wonders to create your own modern cabinet of curiosity. We hand pick our items from sources around the globe and take pride in having a piece for every persons preference and budget. Explore our products, and allow us to help you get inspired. 


Our Products


We are proud to offer a wide variety of hand chosen products from sources around the world. Items range from rare books, nature history, taxidermy, vicoriana, antique medical curiosities, fossils, tribal art, skulls, and much much more. 

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